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Clinical Ladder Program

The Clinical Ladder, or Professional Advancement Program for Nurses, is designed to recognize and reward excellence in clinical nursing practice. It is specifically designed for professional nurses who prefer to pursue their careers in direct patient care.

The Clinical Ladder Program provides opportunities to plan and develop one’s career by demonstrating initiative, creativity, competency and the ability to successfully navigate all facets of clinical nursing practice.

At Seton Health, we believe that clinical practice is the core of professional nursing, and that each nurse is empowered to assume responsibility for his or her own practice.

Seton Health offers three levels on the Clinical Ladder, based on levels of experience and successful completion of the Clinical Advancement Criteria. Graduate nurses begin at the Novice level and reach Clinical Level I after six months of practice. Registered nurses, with a minimum of one year of experience, are considered Clinical Level I upon hire. A Clinical Level I nurse is eligible to apply for advancement to Clinical Level II after six months of performance at Clinical Level I.

The choice to pursue advancement on the Clinical Ladder is an individual one. But, if the choice is pursued, the process is facilitated through Clinical mentors and directors. Successful achievement of Clinical Ladder advancement results in recognition and financial return.

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