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Shared Governance

The Seton Health Shared Governance program was designed to give professional nurses autonomy in their nursing practice, and shared responsibility for patient outcomes.

Our mission is to provide excellence in nursing care, creating positive outcomes for patients and their families. We achieve this by giving our nurses responsibility for their decisions and for patient outcomes.

Shared Governance at Seton Health is organized into Councils: 

  • Practice Council: Addresses issues directly effecting nursing practice and nursing standards, oversees issues involving new or changed products, and also oversees issues involving multidisciplinary care.
  • Professionalism Council: Responsible for ideas in recruitment strategies, nursing career promotion, morale enhancement and personal and professional recognitions.
  • Education Council: Oversees CEU offerings, inservice programs, annual competencies, nursing orientation, preceptoring and patient education.
  • Quality Improvement Council: Oversees pain management, pain control safety issues, moderate sedation programs, and overall patient safety. Also does case review, analysis, research and JCAHO review preparation.
  • Research Council: Oversees and promotes all nursing research done within the hospital, reviews all potential research projects, sponsors Research Day, assists with the education of staff nurses on research topics
  • Advanced Practice Council: Advanced Practice nurses sharing ideas and approaches to problem solving, serve as resource for staff nurses

Each Council has a representative from each of the nursing units. The unit representative communicates with his/her peers on the unit about the Council’s work, solicits their feedback, and then brings that feedback to the Council. The end result of the process is:

  • Shared problem solving.
  • Recognition of and response to ideas,
  • Most importantly, excellent patient and family care.

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