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The Seton Health Sleep Lab at St. Mary’s Hospital provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a range of sleep disorders, from insomnia and snoring, to restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea. Staff includes physicians who are board certified in sleep disorders, respiratory therapists trained in sleep diagnostics, and a psychologist who specializes in sleep disorders.

Sleep problems can be a serious health concern which not only affect quality of life, they can lead to serious health problems including heart and lung problems, cardiac distress, stroke, headaches and poor concentration. People at risk for sleep disorders include those who are overweight, habitual snorers, people with high blood pressure, those with large necks and people with abnormalities of the nose or airway. Talk with your doctor about your sleep habits to determine if you should be examined.

The Seton Health Sleep Lab is a state-of-the-art clinic with several monitoring rooms which allow you to sleep comfortably while we conduct a comprehensive sleep study. Our staff monitors your sleep with sensors and other devices connected to machines that record brain activity, muscle activity in the chin and legs, eye movement, heart activity, breathing and oxygen saturation.

Sleep testing is generally performed from 9 p.m. to 5 or 6 a.m. (individuals who work night shifts are tested during their normal sleep time). If any problems are detected, our staff can help direct a course of treatment which will improve your sleep habits and your overall health.

The service requires a physician’s referral. For more information, please call the Seton Health Sleep Lab at (518) 268-6280.

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